About Us1


NCS Green Earth Pvt Ltd is a Bio Technology company incorporated in 2009. Three Musketeers came together sharing an ethical bond and with the firm belief that Bio-Technology can boost the sustainability & profitability of Indian Agriculture.

With the focus on better way of Soil & Fertility enhancement, Nutrition & Stress Management and Pest & Disease management, NCS Crop Science developed an impressive range of products and took it to the market. Excellent results with environmental safety made the demand soar with all kind of farmers. The innovation proved that it’s possible to switch to organic without increasing the cost and compromising on productivity. Providing environmental benefits on top of commercial sense.

In July 2015, the company decided to expand the horizon from only Agriculture to other aspects of life including bio-remediation, environmental science, industrial and commercial application. The company was suitably renamed to NCS Green Earth Pvt Ltd to go in sync with the new vision and the vocabulary at NCS Green Earth lavishly used Enzymes, Organic Acids, Bio-Secondary Metabolites, Bio-Nano Particles etc. 

With our vision and dedication for innovation and continuous improvisation, our products have been certified by Ecocert and we have been granted ISO 9001:2008.

Technology (Research & Development, IPR)

The core technology is focused around the action of beneficial microbes which in turn secretes certain enzymes, organic acids & growth hormones. To facilitate this process we master and innovate applied Submerged Fermentation (SMF) & Solid State Fermentation (SSF) as a production technique of biological conversion of complex substrate into simple compounds by various micro-organisms. Technological innovation is focused on effective use of the upstream process for initial formulation and downstream processes for recovery of products in pure state or separation.

The products so derived are then combined with other herbal & natural products to make efficient ready to use formulation that work in various niche environments for, nutrient rich organic manure, Bio-stimulants, Bio-fertilizers, Bio-Pesticides and for Solid waste Management.

Product development and process optimization forms the core goal of the R&D. 

Laboratory Facilities

Scientific work and quality assurance requires strong backup of sophisticated and competent laboratory facility – both man and machine. This is important for both the research team for product development and he production team to ensure that every product manufactured is up to the stringent standards set by Green Earth team.

Our Chemistry, Micro-Biology, Biotechnology & Analytical labs are fully equipped with ultramodern research infrastructure like HPLC, AAS, and Lab Centrifuge etc.

Production Facilities

Production facility based at Nagpur, Maharashtra is well equipped with modern equipment including fermenters and downstream equipment for manufacturing liquid, powder, granule and tablet formulation.

Our Submerged fermentation facility is fully automated and PLC equipped with production capacity of 20 million Liters of Bio pesticides and Bio fertilizers per annum under various formulations. The solid state fermentation capacity is capable to produce 100 MT microbial formulation & a reactor capacity to produce 5 million Liters of different bio stimulant and herbal formulation.

Fully automatic Bottle, Pouch and Powder filling facilities ensures that the products are packed and delivered without any contamination. Associated Lab also ensures that each batch fits to the stringent quality parameters of Green Earth.

Technical Team with Advisory Technical Board

Green Earth technical team requires multi-faculty expertise covering Micro Biology, Bio-Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Bio Technology, Plant Pathology, Entomology and Environmental Science. Our core technical team and advisors consists of PhD and Masters in their respective fields. They are supported by able technicians from the respective field. Further we also have engagement and tie-ups with eminent institutions to engage in joint research projects.

Marketing strategy & Verticals

Retail Sales

Green Earth through its dynamic & competitive retail market strategy has successfully reached out to extensive farming communities in the state of Maharashtra, Madhyapradesh and West Bengal, thorough around 2000 retailers, Green Earth Associates (GEA’s).

Where retail penetration is deep and limitless we have conveniently and profitably developed Green Earth Franchise store for a win-win association.

Institutional Sales

Farmer Producing Companies, Exporters with GAP certified growers, corporate houses engaged in Contract Farming, Institutional Growers like tea / coffee plantations etc have responded well to our offering. Our products capacity to match production, price/performance ratio against well-known chemical alternates while balancing environmental cause has found very good appeal with them.

 White Label Sales

We believe that good things should spread fast and benefit shall reach to maximum people in the society. With that approach we supply product under private label to buyers looking for establishing their own marketing engine.