Cleaning anything involves making something else dirty,

but anything can get dirty without something else getting clean


Most cleaning efforts are nothing but “shifting” of problems from “one location to another” creating mountains of City Waste, badly contaminated water bodies, underground pollution and huge dump yards seeking attention.

In fact, most of the cleaning agents we use – Acids, Bleaches, Caustic, Soaps etc., are themselves capable of damaging the environment – with or without cleaning. They are a hazard for all living organisms, including human, and for various plumbing systems and establishments.

For the Eco-system this methodology of cleaning represents the apparently Immortal Demon in the Indian Mythology.This demon keeps changing form and coming back to us in different avatars, to surround us, to infiltrate the eco-system, to throttle us with its vicious grasp and create trouble for all. None of our actions seem to tame this demon. It is Omni-present, in the form of Polluted air, bad odour, choked pipes & sewage, dirty ponds, dirty rivers, and the ever-growing list.

We offer a real solution through our group of path breaking offering under D’Solve (pronounced as dissolve) proudly announces– Gandagi Hatao nahi, Mitao, (translated in English it shall broadly mean “don’t shift the dirt, eliminate it”). Speaking in terms of Hindu mythology, D’Solve brings Nirvana/ Mukti / Moksh to the Filth, muck, dirt by converting it into “panch tatwa”, most of it into water, carbon di-oxide and other simpler form.

Built around Probiotics and Enzymes, D’Solve digests the waste and the pathogens and converts them into CO2 and Water. Thus D’Solve “Keeps cleaning without making anything else dirty.

D’Solve contain specific quantities and qualities of bacteria along with enzymes, microbial nutrients and herbal extracts that essentially digests trouble making pathogens, toxic chemicals and organic waste (soils) and convert into safe and simple forms like water and carbon dioxide.

D’Solve also eats up Odour causing bacteria resulting into immediate Odour Relief.

D’Solve also eats up harmful and hazardous pathogens, sanitizing the environment.

D’Solve is actually not simply a cleaner, we love to call it manager. It starts the cleaning and keeps cleaning. Most of the D’Solve products create bio-films which keeps working on new waste accumulation for many days after application.

D’Solve is 100% Non-Toxic, Bio-degradable & Bio-Compatible product using Probiotics & Enzymes. It creates no untoward threat to humans, animals, plants and aquatic life. All the pro-biotics used in D’Solve are selected from Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) category and are not genetically modified.

D’Solve not only cleans the object, but it also slowly starts cleaning the pipelines, valves etc. making the whole system smooth and efficient.


D’Solve comes in the following formulations


Toilet & Bathroom Manager Septic Tank  Manager
Drain Manager Pond Muck & Sludge Manager
Dental Drain Manager  Pond Algae Manager
FOG Surface Manager Grease Trap Manager 
Surface Manager Floor Manager 
Aquarium Manager
STP Manager
STP Clarifier
ETP Manager